Site Update!

Just added more to my site, hope to make it a little bit more interesting.  Check it out!

Click here to be directed to Demonic Decor at Halloween 365-24/7!
With halloween a few months away, you can get a head start on ideas to make your haunted house the most frightening, soul disturbing house on the block.

Going to update it again in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Looking for the real Dracula


Dracula and Halloween go together like apples and caramel, werewolves and full moons, and various other things that go together well and are halloween related! Check out the article, I'm too scared!

LOVIN' this new template!

 Just downloaded a template for my halloween blog.  LOVE IT!  I finally have a suitable background.  Thanks for the template, girlyblogger, it's just what I have been looking for.