End Times(Working Title)

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Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

 Everyone knew it was going to happen, but no one really thought that it would happen as fast as it did.  One minute, everything is going good, and the world seemed to be on the brink of actual peace.  Peace. Something that this world has never seen. Peace. An actual step towards a positive future. and in the next minute, what seemed to be the literal blink of an eye, the seemingly complete destruction of all life on earth as we knew it. 
Of course, it really didn't happen that fast, the writing had been on the wall  since the turn of the century. We were just too blind and too self absorbed to see it for what it was. 
It started with a lie.  A complete and utter lie. the public had been made to believe that a small group of radicals, 17  in all, had somehow managed to simultaneously seize control of 4 vessels of North America's most widely used mass transit system, subdue without incident, the passengers, and crew, deftly maneuver these behemoths, fly at a super low altitude at top speeds through one of the busiest cities in the US, above a jungle of skyscrapers, and into the buildings symbolic of America's "capitalist and millitary systems" , thereby setting off a cataclysmic chain of events that would eventually lead to the complete and utter decimation of the human race. A lie so intricate that it would take 2 decades to unravel, and another decade to convince the public of it's existence, and another 5 years to act upon it.  But by then it was too late.  We still fight for survival, and it is still against each other, but the bitch of it is, these bastards die hard. You see, what had happened in the next few decades was so horrific, that no media outlet dared report it.  It was so diabolical that all major religions publicly denounced and condemned them. And now, the last of the human race struggles against insurmountable odds against the other survivors, if you can call hordes of flesh eating, blood thirsty zombies survival.