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Started a new story today.  In keeping with my apparent Zombie theme, it is going to be a story about mankind's struggle for survival against impossible odds.  It is dark, and will hopefully have a bit of dark humor in it as well. 

I am not too sure why I decided to go with the whole zombie thing, I guess it is because I like halloween and I want to plug my site. It is a good site, fun and frivolous, but not informational.  I figured why be too informational, it's only Halloween, Besides how much information could you possibly put in a website?  Really all there is for information is Halloween History, and how Halloween is celebrated, and that has been done to death, so I am going to concentrate solely on the entertainment aspect of it.  With any luck, I can make a go of this..  Wish me luck!


Pat Hatt said...

Good plan to focus on the entertainment aspect as it really does work. Good luck.

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