It's Been Too Long!

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Looking back at my posts, I noticed that it has been a considerably long time since I posted anything to this Halloween blog.  Not very astute, I must say. Anyway, Halloween is just around the corner, and I am excited!  Soon I will be able to enjoy Halloween with my child.  I will be able to see things thru the eyes of a child. and do the trick or treat thing in a few years.  Can't wait!  
Looking forward to the Halloween parties, and my wife is looking forward to the dress-up aspect of it.  FUN! 
We will be able to make a haunted house for the kids, and really enjoy it.  Fatherhood is going to be great!


Pat Hatt said...

Halloween is just around the corner you say
While I think it may be quite the ways away
Although it's great how you are all raring to go
It lost it's affect for me long ago
As now I'm just to old
Until one day if i have rugrats it will come back I'm told
So we shall see
This is the end of the rhyme from me

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