A Follower!

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It would appear that this little Halloween blog has it's first follower.  I'm stoked.  It gives me a reason to post more. Thanks for following my blog, and I will do my best to make it as interesting as possible.  
But please bear in mind, I work crummy hours, and I will soon be a new father, so my time will be limited.  I will try, though. :)


Pat Hatt said...

Aww you gave me a shout
While you got my vote
Don't worry I'll get you a few more
As I give you a plug at my rhyming shore
Oh and must say very nice site
It's the place you what to go for a fright
To bad I have no house or little runt
Then I could use it for a scary stunt
Maybe one day you never know
As I need to fill a house with a halloween show
And just for your delight
http://www.faceitfacts.com you just might
Want to show off your site with the other acts
And that is simply the Lets Face it Facts..haha

Pat Hatt said...

Plug is done
Was such fun

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