My New Dark Poem

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Hey there!

So I decided to sit down and write another dark poem.  It is pretty simplistic in it's structure, much like the last one, but I wen a little bit darker.  I took an old Urban Legend and made it my own.  I didn't go into detail too much on it, didn't really feel like I should, thought that it would take away from the imagination of it.

I think that I am going to try to divide things up.  I am going to have one page in my halloween blog as poems, and another, I am going to attempt to write a story or two.  If I can get 1500 words, I think that should be sufficient for a short story.

Anyway, check out my poem. You will be able to find it under the tab Poems Tab. Hopefully it is read-worthy. Enjoy!


Rhymetime(aka Pat) said...

Wow you sure can rhyme
That was a fun time
Made it really an enjoyable read
On your poems feed
Kept it rhyming so well
I really must tell
Making one just want to read on through
Although from the title I knew
That it would end that way
But enjoyed it alot today
Now on I go to play
Or maybe just go back and lurk in my rhyming bay

Pat Hatt said...

hmmm don't know if my first comment was no good, didn't take some error or what.

But wanted to say so your sure to get it, great poem, enjoyed the read alot.

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